Marine Engineering


     Sailing boats
     Motor ships
     Ports and floating structures
     Floating machines


Scope of our activities:

     Ship design
     Design of floating structures
     Design of floating machines
     Ship survey
     Survey of condition
     Hull measurements
     Marine consulting projects
     Naval engineering, designer supervision of construction
     Engineering supervisor tasks
     Service trials of ships
     Measurements in planing mode
     Stability assessments
     Inclining experiments
     Floating structure design of ports
     Gangway bridge design of ports
     Special framework design of ports and floating structures
     Pile structural design of ports
     Design tasks according to ADN rule (European Provisions concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by inland waterways)
     Design projects of High Speed Crafts
     Calculations according to ISO regulations of small crafts for CE accreditation
     Calculations according to registers (GL, DNV, NBS, ABS)
     Multihull craft's (catamaran, trimaran, SWATH) propulsion and ship strength calculations


Mr Gyula Pompor
marine engineer, expert

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